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Its officially winter, the Steel Bodgers match is on this Wednesday !

As usual we will mark the annual gathering of rugby fans and barbour jackets at Grange Road with the traditional lunch of chilli and beer at the BB on the 27th November.

It must be almost 40 years since a number of us started meeting for a beer or 3 at the BB before making our way down to Grange Road, in those days it was to watch a team of present and future internationals playing for the Blues against a team of house hold ( well ,at least in my house) names.

It may have lost its status and cachet for the ardent rugby fan, but its still one of the best and beeriest social occasions in town, if you are hoping to speak to your estate agent, solicitor , surveyor or accountant on Wednesday don't try calling them , head for one of the bars at Grange Road or a nearby pub to find them, and best not to call them too early on Thursday morning either.

The best thing to do is to head to the Blue Ball, grab a pint and join in the annual moan about why is Phil Bennet playing for the Bodgers anymore.....

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